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It's not easy to write about yourself and yourselfif you give too much of yourself we have nothing more to tell that it is worth to come here to find out more, BUT Athena & Carl have so much to say and can laugh about it if it sometimes became serious. Here are a few anecdotes: 

Hostal Calma as the oldest newly renovated in Family owned  operation has its own charm but it stands and falls with the Hosts Athena & Carl here in the Grand Canyon in 2006 and to the right we lived alone with two children and two German Shepards dogs with the bears and the nature of us from 6 years in RoatanHonduras recovers to new forces and ideas for our next adventure Mallorca prepares, where we now live and work since Jan 2012 and we love it.

From our experience with different nationalities and cultures, we are pleased to get to know again with a strong Mallorcien island culture which we have long been drawn in its spell after Athena nearly 12 years as the Coffee Lady of Jacksonville, Florida and Carl as Californians in the aviation sector and as an old Swede in sailing. 

In Roatan we had a 5 star hotel with only 5 rooms right on the beach and Caribbean sea shore with a French Bakery "Baked goods" on the ground floor. Among other things, we have introduced the "HOT DOGS" on the island as well as the satellite TV combined Internet from Hughes Net and DirecTV.

Here are a few articles from the press about ourvarious adventures :